Aftap van in- en uitgaande audio via de externe-headset aansluiting op het mobieltje.

The transformer coupled stereo output provides the local mic on the left channel and the caller on the right channel. Local audio is a full bandwidth connection, meaning your voice will sound considerably better than the caller. Of course, audio quality is limited by the quality and placement of the microphone on the ear-bud style headset.      
CellTap 4C™ will not interfere with headset button controls on most devices. A headset is required for operation, as the phone will not recognize CellTap 4C without a headset connected.

Will CellTap 4C work with any cell phone?
CellTap 4C has been tested with many popular brands and model phones that use the 3.5 mm 4-conductor TRRS style headset. However, there are no industry standards, so it cannot be
promised that it's compatibility with any brand or model phone.    
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