JP - WX 508 K035965


 8-bay NP-50 battery charger
 8-bay NP-50 battery charger with LED Indications.

LED Indications
Green LED
The battery is charged. (or almost full when inserted)

The slot is charging the battery.

Green with Red Blinking LED
The slot does not hold a battery, the battery might not sit well (wrong way around)
battery or charger is faulty.

You can connect the charger directly to any DC source in a voltage range of 12-32 volt DC. The power consumption of the charger is max 20 watt.

Technical specifications
• Charges 8 NP-50's Simultaneous.
• Over sized Converter that can supply up to 2.5 times the current required, to run cool
and increase reliability.
• Matched Charging chips within 1% accuracy. (all pcb's are tested manually). 4.16-4.24
volt with a bias towards the lower end to achieve longer battery life.
• Swiss made gold plated spring loaded battery contacts.
• External power supply from a well known brand (Meanwell)
• Passive cooling.
• A reset/on off switch with protection so you cant bump it by accident.
• Ability to be fed by a DC power source between 12-48 volts DC (Cart battery or your
Car, or a laptop brick)

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