Zender om IFB audio, tijdcode en commando's naar de TRX IFB ontvangers te sturen. Heeft een stereo line level input, tijdcode reader/generator en 12V ingang.

IFB200 Features:
*Transmits and receives IFB, timecode and audio
*Fully compatible with all TRX series transmitters and ZFR recorders
*Built-in 2-channel backup recorder, perfect for small sound bags that only have a mixer
*Analog or digital audio input on a single TA5 connector
*AES sample rate converting input with max sample rate input of 96 KHz
*Built-in 2-channel mixer for combining two separate channels into a mono transmission signal
*Timecode reader / generator can run continuously jam or free run timecode
*Software updates are done by the user via the microSD card slot
*IFB audio range of approximately 100 feet / IFB timecode and remote control range of approximately 400 feet
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